Southwestern Commission Council of Governments

Non- emergency medical transportation, Community/public transit; caregiver support;home-delivered meals/congregate meals; dislocated worker program; home visiting programs; job search services; legal aid for seniors; Medicare/Medicaid information and training; employment services for veterans.

The Southwestern Commission remains the conduit for member governments to obtain funds from a variety of sources. The difference today is that federal and state grants now represent a much smaller share of project revenue. Many current local government projects have zero federal or state grant funds included in their budgets, with loans (both public and private), non-profit grants, and philanthropic foundations collectively becoming the more dominant resources.

Rapidly improving technological capabilities have streamlined the process of grant administration – we can reach all of the member governments in an instant with email and phone calls. However, the heart of regional cooperation is intergovernmental collaboration and for many, face-to-face meetings remain important. The Southwestern Commission staff are trained as professional facilitators, and the Commission actively assists with conflict resolution and dispute mediation. Our primary “new century” currency is relationship capital.

In addition to changes in government funding, administrative procedures, and facilitation methods, the region has changed as well. Southwestern North Carolina is rapidly growing and as the population increases, so does demand on local government to provide the needed services and infrastructure. The Southwestern Commission is a valued resource in land use planning, economic and workforce development, and in providing needed services to our aging population.


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