NC Dept of Public Safety, Division of Adult Correction & Juvenile Justice

The Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice is responsible for the care, custody and supervision of all adults and juveniles sentenced after conviction for violations of North Carolina law.

For adults, sentences range from probation served in the community to active prison sentences served in one of the state’s prison facilities. After prison, there is a period of post-release supervison for offenders to help them transition more successfully back to the community.  For those who commit technical violations of probation there is Confinement in Response to Violation (CRV).

For juveniles, the focus is on strengthening families, promoting delinquency prevention, supporting core social institutions, intervening immediately and effectively when delinquent behavior occurs, and identifying and controlling the small group of serious, violent, and chronic juvenile offenders in the local communities.

NC Dept. of Public Safety, Juvenile Services, Restorative Justice, Teen Court, 30th Judicial District, Juvenile Detention


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